Draftbit updates
Draftbit updates

What's New (June 23) - Reset Text Input Fields, Nesting Data Enabled Lists, Low Code Authentication with Xano, Pre-defined Hooks and more






👋 Hello Draftbit community,

We continue our quest to empower you to create those most advanced app functionalities possible. With these updates, reset text input fields when a screen is unfocused, or build a data-enabled list-within-a-list screen (e.g. display list items' "tags" arrays). We've gone deeper with Xano. And we've made working with variable options easier than ever.

Here's a complete list of the product updates that landed on Draftbit over the past week!

🚀 What's New?

  • Deeper integration with Xano: Add your Xano APIs directly from the Data panel. And we added a guide on Authentication (create user, log in user, log out user) with Xano.

    • 📝 For integrating Xano APIs directly, check out the official Draftbit documentation ➡️ Go Deeper
    • 🔗 Check out the guide for Low-code Authentication with Xano REST API ➡️ Learn more
    • 🎥 Or you can also follow the steps described in Draftbit's Office Hours Video to implement the Email/Password sign-in with Xano and Draftbit. ➡️ Watch Now 
  • You can now have a nested List component inside a parent List.

  • Using low-code Custom Functions, now you can use pre-defined hooks such as useFocus, useFocusEffect and useScrollToTop.

  • On that note, we wrote on Resetting a TextInput field after a screen is unfocused ➡️ Learn more

  • The type of a variable from a REST API endpoint is now shown in the Variables option. A type here can represent a string, number, etc., of the field of data in the endpoint. 


♻️ What's changed?

  • The format of showing "SERVICE // ENDPOINT" text in the variable options list has been removed. The UI in the builder now groups all the variables by the endpoint name.

  • We've renamed the option "Submit Data" to "API Request". You can find this action option in the Interactions tab > Action on a Touchable or a Button component.

    Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 12.10.30 AM.png

🔧 What's fixed?

  • The Center component can have custom width and height.

    • Did you know that Draftbit comes with a pre-built component called Center. It automatically centers anything you place inside of it. You can control its width, height, and background color.

    Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 12.05.38 AM.png


  • Radio button has a couple of fixes. The color selection property and the changing the size of the button are now working as expected.

Until next week, The Draftbit Team