Draftbit updates
Draftbit updates

What's new (July 21) - Nested Firebase Document and Collections, Modals using Custom Components, and more





👋 Hello Draftbit community,

We're back this week with more upgrades in our quest to empower you to create the most advanced apps possible.

🚀 What's New?

🔥 FEATURE: Nested Firebase Document/Collection components

🚀 CODE SNIPPET: Creating Modals with Custom Components


Modal is a common way to present content above an enclosing view. React Native does come with a built-in component by the same name. It works on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the Modal component from React Native isn’t supported on the web, so if you need your app to work in PWA, you’ll need another way and this guide will help you to implement it. Read more ↗️

♻️ What's Updated, Fixed, or Improved?

  • The Navigation tree (under the Navigation tab) is improved. Adding and removing navigators is a smooth process now. We are still in the process of making Navigation more seamless.
  • Components like Picker and Checkbox are now improved.

Until next week,

The Draftbit team