Draftbit updates
Draftbit updates

What's new (July 14) - Converting Dates, Video Series For French Users, Passwordless Auth, Video Component Updates and more





👋 Hello Draftbit community,

We're back this week with more upgrades in our quest to empower you to create the most advanced apps possible.

But first… 🥁

📣 Shoutout to Justin Slabbert, who wrote an awesome guide on How to convert Date from Firebase Into Draftbit Readable ➡️ Learn more


Here's a complete list of the product updates that landed on Draftbit over the past week!

🚀 What's New?

  • We released a new series of videos on cloning the "Les Puces" app, the No Code way in Draftbit. It's in French 🇫🇷 ➡️ Watch Now

  • We published a guide on SMS one-time-password Authentication with Xano(create user, log in user, log out user) ➡️ Learn more

When you are done with this guide, you will be able to:

  • Create a New User with a mobile number and one-time password sent via SMS
  • Log In an existing user with their mobile number and one-time password via SMS that generates an auth token
  • Save the auth token in the Draftbit app using Device Variables
  • Sign Out users and delete auth token

📝 For integrating Xano APIs directly, check out the official Draftbit documentation ➡️ Go Deeper

CleanShot 2021-07-14 at 18.24.24@2x.png

♻️ What's updated?

  • Video component is improved and now supports size property. Using it, you can now set the appropriate width and height.

CleanShot 2021-07-14 at 18.12.47@2x.png

  • New and Improved API responses, FlatList, and ScrollView components.

Until next week,

The Draftbit Team