Draftbit updates
Draftbit updates

🚀 What's New (25-Aug): No-Code Auth is here! Nav Params, GitHub Commit, and lots of upgrades!





Hey everyone, I'm standing in for Aman this week to let you know what's new at Draftbit! Let's jump right in.

🗺 Navigation Params Upgrade. You could already define variables to pass data between screens with Navigate actions. With this most recent upgrade, your screens can declare their own navigation parameters, and you can give those params test values. I've found that this makes it super easy to do things like build and iterate on item-view screens which are expecting passed data.

🔐 The No-Code Authentication Private Beta has ended. Thank you to all our beta testers! All of the features you need to do full auth without touching a line of code are now released. Georges did a full walkthrough in Office Hours last week:

🐙 Our GitHub Commit Private Beta is underway! If you are a Pro plan holder and you'd like access to this sneak-peek feature, let us know in the comments here.

🧩 A whole host of fixes and upgrades to components. New and improved components include: Slider, Icon, IconButton, ToggleButton, FAB, and Divider. More fixes and improvements are coming soon!

Catch you next week,