Draftbit updates
Draftbit updates

🗑️ Delete & Restore





When screens and components are deleted in Draftbit, historically, those actions have been permanent. Losing work unintentionally can be very frustrating, so we sought a way to allow recovering deleted screens and components.

This feature introduces a few things. First, we now have a new section in the screens and components lists showing recently deleted items. The items can be restored with as little as a button click.


We also sought to streamline our users workflow further by introducing a variety of keyboard shortcuts. CTRL+Z is now a shortcut for undoing component deletion or any other component tree-related actions — component adds, deletes, and movements. Arrow keys can now be used to navigate around the tree, and components can be copied and pasted with CTRL+C and CTRL+V.


Finally, we tackled overall performance of the tree itself. Actions such as deleting components should now feel significantly faster, leading to a smoother overall experience.